"Game of Life" Weekend Adventures© is the heart and soul of Camp CHOICE. This is where we really focus on providing knowledge, skills, and cultivating ways for our youth to make smart and carefully thought out choices. These camps are in essence why Camp CHOICE came to be and these camps are the center of why we want to make the organization bigger and better for the community.

Over the course of a weekend, we create and execute a game. During this game, 20 girls and 20 boys, per weekend, randomly choose a mock social/financial status, which determines the lodging amenities they start the game from. Then they experience true to life’s ups & downs obstacles designed to challenge their sensibilities and increase, or decrease their mock finances. Their final income status determines the lodging they end with. Youth also explore the Camp CHOICE "Life Lessons©" curriculum including Life Inquiry/Race, Culture & Family/Education, Careers & Financial Stability/External & Internal Evolvement.

During the camp, youth are served healthy meals with cooking demos, and recipes, so each child is able to recreate what they ate during the weekend.

We also offer fun physical fitness instruction teaching on healthy lifestyles, and get their bodies moving. Some of the activities offer and element of teamwork with other youth in a fun atmosphere. We make sure we are feeding their bodies as well as their minds.

We provide "Game of Life" Weekend Adventures© for all youth between the ages of 12 and 19.

If you would like your child or children to be a part of this awesome adventure, please click the button below to save their spot.

Registration $50

​"Game of Life" Weekend Adventures©

Camper Fee Balance $200

Camper Fee $250

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