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Camp CHOICE is a fun park with amenities to provide youth eight “Game of Life” Weekend Adventures© each summer along with amusement attractions the public can enjoy all year long. Camp CHOICE will also serve as an event, conference and lodging destination during off camp season.

Youth need a safe place to have fun while learning to successfully navigate through life. Camp CHOICE is a great place for youth to learn these skills. C.H.O.I.C.E stands for Children Having Opportunities in Creating Environment. This means the choices we make create the environment we find ourselves in. The vision of Camp CHOICE is, “Youth Choosing Well”.

The concept of Camp CHOICE was birthed in 2000, through a business plan competition, sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation and Penn Valley Community College. I was inspired by my own life experience of losing my mother in a car accident at age 15 and spiraling down a path of bad choices. My father was not a significant part of my life. My grandparents took my three younger siblings and me in. I lost my virginity and became a teenage mother. I had no wisdom or skills to direct my life. I learned lessons on how tough, crazy, wonderful, mysterious, and meaningful life is.

I learn everyday how our choices are the best resource to create the life we want. Everyone holds different perspectives on life, but what we have in common is life. Our choices touch the lives of others; good, bad, and ugly. Camp CHOICE is a place to explore life’s complexity, looking into the natural and supernatural phenomena of our world.

I can’t build Camp CHOICE alone. I need the resources, skills and gifts of others to develop a first class, innovation that will be a source for youth development, spiritual growth, family fun and entertainment. Camp CHOICE will be a cornerstone for Kansas City to be proud of, and place that serves youth, promotes peace, creates jobs, and revenues.

I am seeking contributions to fund CHOICE weekend camps through 2020, as well as the production of “The Case for Camp CHOICE©”. I invite you to join my journey to build Camp CHOICE.

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Contact us today at 816.560.0977 . campchoiceworldwide@yahoo.com . PO Box 320601 Kansas City, MO 64132