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Investing In Camp CHOICE

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Sponsor A Child

If you would like to support Camp CHOICE, but are unable to be a child or camp sponsor,               don't worry, make a contribution in any amount!

Contributions help our company grow, which means more youth served!

I'd like to make a contribution

There is a lot that goes into producing our "Game of Life" Weekend Adventure¬©. Our goal is to make it a valuable & unforgettable experience. We work hard to keep our curriculum relevant and fresh so campers never have the same experience twice!

If you want to make a significant difference in the lives of youth, consider sponsoring an entire camp. We encourage sponsors to join us during the adventure to get a first hand look at the impact . Sponsorships are non tax deductable gifts, that keep on giving throughout a child's lifetime!

Sponsor A Camp

You may also go to any Mazuma Credit Union and make a financial

contribution in any amount to the Camp CHOICE account.

(Contributions are not tax deductible, and extremely valued, as we never turn youth away due to inability to pay.)



I'd like to sponsor a child

The passion behind Camp CHOICE is that we want all our youth to prosper! We want to make sure we help them as they maneuver their way through life. Our camps offer the opportunity for them to gain real life skills for their journey ahead, as well as aid them in fostering strong & positive relationships with peers.

Many parents are able to see what our camps can provide their children; however, not all are able to afford sending them to our camps. We don't ever want a family to feel like their children are missing out on something special because life circumstances. We want as many youth as possible to participate in our "Game of Life" Weekend Adventures¬©. Help by sponsoring a child. The cost is $250 per child, and includes lodging, meals, activities, and a Camp CHOICE commemorative t-shirt. Sponsorships are non taxable gifts that help ensure a child will have the ultimate experience to provide them guidance as a they mature into adulthood.