Camp C.H.O.I.C.E (Children Having Opportunities In Creating Environment) is a unique, Kansas City based business, providing life enrichment experiences that empower youth to avoid and overcome personal, and social challenges. Our signature service, Camp CHOICE "Game of Life" Weekend Adventures©, wows teens with a fun adult life simulation aimed to equip them with knowledge and skills to enhance their transition toward independence. Because ownership of her brand is of the utmost importance, the founder, Janay Reliford-Davis, chose not to pursue nonprofit status. This means financial contributions are not tax deductible. 

However, Camp CHOICE never turns youth away for lack of ability to pay, so monetary gifts are truly needed, greatly appreciated & wisely utilized! 

Our Mission is"Youth Choosing Well".

​Our Vision is"To provide youth life enrichment experiences that benefit their present and future spiritual, physical, educational & social well-being".

What We Teach 

Life is so fragile, and only takes the slightest wrong turn to create a lifetime of misery. Let Camp CHOICE educate your teens on how to think before they act! We help them realize how 

lives are directly affected by the choices we make through out life. 

Our curriculum is created to stimulate thought, offer problem solutions and help youth begin planning for their futures while they are young as opposed to allowing life to "just happen".

Camp CHOICE "Game of Life" Weekend Adventures© utilizes three core components to teach youth viable life competencies:

  • Learning Experiment (Camp CHOICE "Life Lessons©" Curriculum)
  • Employment Experiment (Mock employment scenarios and individual career counseling)
  • Living Experiment (Mock life profiles and challenge cards guide youth through the game)

What Is Camp CHOICE?

The Need For Camp CHOICE


Contact us today at 816.560.0977 . . PO Box 320601 Kansas City, MO 64132